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For the Love 
of Math



Prof Shastry, a renowned IIT JEE mathematics educator with over 3 decades of experience.

I am Prof Srinivasa Shastry, or Shastry Sir, to my students of over 30 years. 

What have I been doing? Working with students in Mathematics, helping them take on competitive exams like IIT JEE, Olympiads and ISI.

I rejoice that over 8,000 of my students were able to qualify for IITs, BITS and NITs.

Why this website? The answer is “For the Love of Math.”

The digital world has transformed everything that we see, work and play. Can the techies who made this possible do anything without math? Impossible! So, math has and indeed will continue to move the world. If that is the case, we need more and more youngsters who enjoy and can do magic with math.


In other words, my mission is “To Create Love for Math!”

I am keen to do my bit by narrating inspiring stories, sharing thoughts and challenging the problem solving abilities of the eager minded. Thanks to technology, I can reach out to thousands more, especially those in our villages and neglected sections of society. 


Because each one of us can be a torchbearer for  brighter future.

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